Xtenex Boot Laces - X300 40XTENEX HIKING LACES


Lace your boots once and never have to tie them again! New revolutionary laces increase comfort, fit, and performance. Laces have an elastic core and a series of knots along the entire length of the lace that disappear when stretched allowing the lace to fit through the eyelets. Expands during natural foot swelling and keeps the foot from compressing against the boot upper. If the lace gets cut, the knots will hold the rest of the lacing system intact. Fits 8" boots and under.

Length 90cm

The bigger diameter of the knots (9mm) accomodate bigger sized footwear

 eyelets and the hooks at the top of hiking shoes. Hikers benefit from the

 added comfort and support.

Colours: Black, Camauflage

RRP 9.99