****New foam application for best results**** 

Protection of skin against blisters, friction, chafing and skin rash.

Ideal for active sportsmen including Runners, Triathletes, Cyclists, Rowers, Trail runners, Mountain climbers, Ramblers, Golfers, Tennis players, Football players etc. etc. 


Charachteristics:  Intens-sport comes in a practical, handy spray can. The active substance has a similar consistency to shaving foam. However when the foam is rubbed onto the skin the change of temperature converts it to liquid crystal resulting in a much deeper penetration of the skin than cream/oil applications. As a result there is no stickiness or lubricating film and yet it allows your skin to breathe in a normal way. The liquid formula resists friction and - importantly for Triathletes- the foam is neoprene compatible. It has a pleasant smell and gives a soft feeling to the skin.

Indications: Protection against blisters, friction and chafing of the skin. For use anywhere on the body. A spray can contains 75 ml giving approximately 100 applications.

Directions: Apply to clean and dry skin. Shake the container before use. Point the nozzle in a downward direction to extract a walnut size portion of foam.

Prevention: Apply Intens-Sport before each physical activity to areas that are exposed to repetitive friction. Repeat after the activity.

Care: In case of chafing, apply Intens-Sport 2 or 3 times a day over the following days. On closed blisters, disinfect, apply Intens-Sport, pierce the blister with a sterile needle and repeat with a further application of Intens-Sport.

Result: Intens-sport is absorbed under the skin surface and forms a colonisation of the intercellular spaces. The emerging "crystallites" form a protective mesh under the skin, at the same time regenerating new skin cells.