March 2016

Xtenex add new styles to their range including sport laces for kids (size 3 and below).

A growing number of world class athletes and triathletes have been switching to Xtenex elastic laces to achieve extra comfort and support while running.


Xtenex laces are designed not only to benefit top sportsmen but also for adults and children to use in their sports and casual shoes. Due to the increasing popularity of their Sport lace, Xtenex have now introduced a thicker lace for Hiking boots and a thinner version for City/Dress shoes.


Once Xtenex is installed, there is no need to untie or retie the laces again.


New styles available:


Contact: David Mckibbin 01460 929016 - triathlon gear news and reviews  All Tied Up- Laces Shootout -USA article by Nick Salazar    Apr 12,2011


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The jury of the world's largest competition for start-up companies in the sporting goods industry has selected Xtenex as a finalist in the Accessories category of ISPO 2008.
Xtenex has been recognised as a groundbreaking product, and this selection will help to establish the launch of Xtenex throughout Europe.