Evaporative Cooling Technology


Key Benefits


Easy to Use

1.    Soak garment in cool water for 1-2 minutes the less soaking the lighter the garment **

2.    Gently squeeze out excess water. Roll wrap in dry towel to ensure no drips.

3.    Wear; repeat steps as needed

4.    Hang to dry

5.    Wash in mild, soapy water (as needed)

6.    Before first use:  follow activation proceeding 1 & 2 above and let the product dry completely. This is necessary for the cooling fabric fibers to set into the product. Product could feel 'slimy' because of fiber migration after the first activation, this rinses away on the next soaking.

 ** For shorter events and training periods you will need less soaking time. Experiment for ideal balance.

 When fully activated, the garment will feel heavier. However you will gain benefit because your body will use up less energy to maintain normal body temperature during strenuous activity. It can increase your level of performance by up to 20%

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