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(Tested by Andy Parry)

Xtenex are an elasticated lace with ‘knots’ every centimetre or so. That means that once the laces have been set up on your shoe for a comfortable feel, you can stretch the elasticated laces to slip your shoe on and off easily, without undoing them (just like a slip-on). I’ve seen these used in triathlons, where you can gain precious seconds in transition and, when I saw these at Total Warrior I thought they would be a great idea for an obstacle race, especially as I had lost a minute or so getting a stone out my shoe.

Once I got my pair it took about 5 or 6 minutes to lace up my Reebok All Terrain Supers, and it was pretty straight forward. I tested them out at my local park run just to make sure they weren’t too tight or loose. They felt great and you could really notice that the tension was evenly spread across the whole top of the shoe (unlike regular laces). You can be very precise by tightening and loosening different “zones”, to suit the shape of your foot and make your shoe fit better.

I also took them to JCB Mud Run for a real field test. Obstacle courses don’t come much muddier than this and my shoes never felt insecure and never popped off in the thicker clingy mud either. I got a stone in my shoe early on in the race and it took no time at all to whip off the shoe dispose of the stone and slip it back on. I’m a definitely a Xtenex laces convert!