Zsport are the No. 1 selling Sports Bra Company in France and their bras are on sale in 35 countries worldwide.


Zport bras are distributed in the UK & Ireland by D. Mckibbin Sports
Whether doing sports competitively or just for leisure, it is always best to use quality equipment.


Using the medical expertise of their parent company Medical Z in the making of compression garments and post surgery bras for more than 30 years, and also working in conjunction with the world's top breast surgeons and sports doctors, Zsport specializes in the HIGHEST QUALITY SPORTS BRAS.


Zsport conforms to the breast's natural anatomy offering total support for the bust without applying flattening pressure across the breasts. Comfort is maximized by the use of fabric that wicks away moisture while allowing the skin to breathe.


Zsport is the only brand taking into account the weight to volume ratio of the breast and therefore are able to offer a range of bras that are designed to provide balanced elasticity and controlled pressure in all directions. Depending on the intensity of the activity they offer 3 different models: the Linea model for low impact activity, the Evolution model for high and intensive impact and their new bra the Dynamic for medium to high impact.