NEW*  Yoga Stick-e  Towel ... For a Clean Grip! 

Antibacterial, hygienic, sweat-absorbing, nonskid. Ideal for public gyms and studios (where you never know who was there before you). Towel is a portable protective barrier for exercise equipment, workout mats, and locker-room floors. 18" x 24". Special sticky patches on towel prevent slipping. Eco-friendly bamboo.

Yoga Stick-e Towel ... For a Clean Grip! The original Yoga Stick-e Towel provides a non-slip, sweat-absorbing, clean barrier for all of your exercise needs! The towel is super soft and absorbant. The back of the towel has two non-slip, exclusive, smooth, stick-e panels to ensure the towel does not slip during exercises. There are no bumpy projections to feel through the fabric! It provides a nice protective barrier for face and hands from less than clean mats and exercise equipment. Great for weight benches and cardio equipment! No more stepping off of the spinning machine, eliptical, or treadmill to pick up a fallen towel! Great for Travel! Just pack your Yoga Stick-e Socks, Gloves and towel and forget the mat! Great for Hot Yoga (Bikram)! Just take your socks and towel and have a safer more effective class!

It's portable and machine washable!  RRP 22.50



*NEW*   Hot & Stick-e Hip Hop Yoga workout


Looking for something that will spice up your yoga workout and get your heart rate pumping?  The Hot & Stick-e Hip Hop Yoga workout  combines the best of Yoga with dance and fat burning cardio. You will build strength and increase your flexibility through Yoga while maximizing your fat burning potential with the latest Hip Hop moves.  In the end, you will look better, feel better, and have hot and sexy moves for the dance floor!

Dana Stevens has been practicing and choreographing dance for over a decade. She has studied jazz, ballet, and modern dance but has particularly made a name for herself in Hip Hop.   She is a choreographer and dancer for well known Hip Hop stars as well as the next generation of artists.  She not only dances professionally but donates much of her time to after school programs teaching kids to dance, increasing their skills and self confidence while keeping them off the streets and motivated to succeed in life! RRP 14.99